TEG and our collaborators have published extensive literature in the fields of disease management and in silico modeling, among other topics. 

Characterizing glucose changes antecedent to hypoglycemic events in the intensive care unit.

Cook C, Potter D, Kongable G. EndocrPract 2012; 18:317-324. Read Full Publication

Most Commonly Used Approaches for T2 Insulin Treatment

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DMMS.R is a computer application designed for conducting clinical studies in virtual subjects with T1, T2 or Pre-Diabetes. It provides a unique in silico environment for testing diabetes treatment and monitoring interventions and is ideal for modeling new devices or examining treatment protocols and dosing algorithms.

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T1DMS is revolutionizing the process by which researchers are making new discoveries for treating and managing Type 1 Diabetes.  See below for peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts that are related to or made possible by T1DMS technologies.

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