About TEG

About TEG

Since its founding in 2000, TEG has been committed to enabling personalized solutions for the management and treatment of diseases through post marketing and hospital-based research. This is accomplished with two primary solutions: the Type 1 Diabetes Metabolic Simulator (T1DMS) and Simulation Analysis and Modeling (SAAM II).


Over the last two years, the Distributed Version of the T1DMS software has been used by 14 academic research groups and two commercial research groups with ever-growing industry interest. Additionally, TEG has provided T1DMS simulation services for three companies, two of which submitted IDEs and received FDA approvals, with simulation study results delivered in months as opposed to years of pre-clinical trials. In partnership with several commercial entities, TEG performed simulation services and data analyses that are leading to improved accuracy and better performance by medical devices. Such devices are currently or soon-to-be on the market. TEG continues to foster solutions for diabetes care with in silico modeling and simulation to test and improve new technologies in accordance with FDA regulatory requirements, as well as with online services for R&D and education in the industry.


SAAM II was designed to solve problems in the laboratory. SAAM II software supports the development and statistical calibration of compartmental models in biological and pharmaceutical research and instruction. Computer simulation has increasingly become a useful means to test clinical hypotheses regarding human disease processes and response to intervention, providing valuable information about the safety and limitations of various treatments before in vivo testing. SAAM II is the fastest and most accurate way to create models, simulate experiments and analyze data and is used worldwide by more than 7,000 pharmaceutical, biomedical and scientific researchers.