SAAM II Numerical Features

Numerical Modeling with SAAM II

  • Users can define numerical models directly with a set of algebraic equations
  • The Numerical application includes comprehensive sets of functions and mathematical operators
  • Equation Builder provides a choice of equation sets including Michaelis-Menten, Scatchard, Sum of Gaussians, Sum of Polynomials, and Sum of Exponentials; Sum of Exponentials provides choices for exogenous inputs

The main window of the Numerical application contains the equation area

  • This is an editable area where the user can create, modify, or delete equations
  • The user can add these equations directly, or use predefined Equations, Functions and Operators from the Numerical Toolbox

The Equation Builder window is used to select one of a predefined set of equations for the Numerical model

  • The user can choose the type of equation set to be created
  • If Sum of Exponentials is chosen, the user must also select the type of experimental exogenous input